Friday 17 November

Movie screening – Don’t Rain on Our Parade / PARADA

Aurora Fokus Kino

Couldn’t be more PRIDE!

We are thrilled to present to you the trailer for the first full-length documentary film produced by Bulletproof Warsaw – “Don’t Rain on Our Parade / PARADA,” directed by Nina Krawczak and Misi Joachim, with cinematography by Joanna Kakitek. The premiere is scheduled for May 17th at the 20th edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity at Kinoteka!



Every year, in June, Warsaw is taken over by tens of thousands of people. A colorful, vibrant, magical crowd spills onto the streets, sidewalks, squares, and parks. In the capital of the most homophobic country in the European Union, the Equality Parade has been taking place for over 20 years—an event from the community, for the community, providing visibility and a “breath” for not only LGBTQIA+ individuals but the entire community of excluded and discriminated people.

What motivates activists to take action? Why have people been actively participating in this event for so many years? What makes Warsaw, even if only for one exceptional day in June, become a haven of freedom and equality? And is it truly a haven for everyone? The documentary film – “PARADA – Don’t rain on our Parade” – attempts to answer these questions.

The film “PARADA – Don’t rain on our Parade” was produced with respect for diversity, including individuals underrepresented in the film industry—women, transgender individuals, and non-heteronormative people.

The documentary features volunteers from the Equality Parade, including Julia Maciocha, Marietta Wróblewska, Szymon Niemiec, Beata Sosnowska, Janek Ciołkosz, Shady Lady, Misia Joachim, Harpy Queen, and Vrona.

Project Partner: Equality Parade

Supported by:

Heinrich Böll Stiftung / Heinrich Böll Foundation

Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway

The tickets is free

After the moviescreening there will be a conversation in front of the screen:


Stein Runar Østigaard, International Coordinator Oslo Pride
Stein leads the international solidarity work of Oslo Pride. He also recently stepped down from the board of European Pride Organisers Association. Oslo Pride has an extended solidarity programme, and Stein is here as a part of this, as they have been partners of Prides in Poland for more than ten years..

Julia Maciocha: Chairwoman of Warsaw Pride & co-founder of Polish Prides Alliance – a collective of 36 pride events across Poland, European Prides Organizers Association Board member, 2022 European Leader of Obama Foundation.  She firmly believes that lasting change can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts of diverse individuals and groups.