Wednesday 17 November

Live-recording: Indigenizing queerness

16:15 - 18:00

Universitetet i Tromsø (map)

Date: 17.11.2021

Time: 16.15-18.00

Place: Árdna på UiT


Welcome to «Indigenizing queerness» a conversation and live podcast-recording. The talk aims to address subjects of queerness and gender from a Sámi, pre-colonial, historical as well as present-day- perspective. The participants in the conversation will bring back Sámi queer ancestors, characters and spirits and strengthen their stories as well as uplift the queer Sámi individuals who are living, resisting and thriving in today’s Sápmi and beyond.

You are welcome to come create a safe community space and we invite you to an evening filled with conversation and poetry.


The event will be in English and held at Árdna, the Sami cultural spot at the Arctic University.

The recordings will be used in the podcasts “Vuostildanfearánat – Sámi stories of resistance” by Tuula Sharma Vassvik made in collaboration with the research project Arctic Silkroad (UiT) and “Decolonize it” by Ninthu Paramalingam for the feminist local radio in Oslo, RadiOrakel.

The event is a part of the Arctic Pride program and a collaboration between Center for Sami Studies (SESAM), Tuula and Ninthu.



16.15: Introduction from Torjer Andreas Olsen, researcher and professor at Center for Sami studies (SESAM)

16.30: Tuula Sharma Vassvik will mediate the conversation about indigenizing queerness with Elisabeth Stubberud from Garmeres and activist and poet Timimie Gassko Märak. As well as anyone wanting to contribute from the audience.

17.00: Break with drinks and snacks

17.15: Performance by Timimie Märak


About the participants:

Elisabeth Stubberud is a Sámi and Kven queer scholar and activist. Elisabeth is the leader of Garmeres – Norwegian section, as well as working as associate professor in gender studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Tråante. As a researcher Elisabeth is interested in queer theory and queer lives, ethnicity and belonging in Sámi and Kven areas, and processes of marginalization, discrimination and violence. Garmeres is an organisation by and for queer Sámi across the borders. They work for queer Sámi rights, opportunities and visibility in all of Sápmi.



Timimie puts just as much in between the lines they write as in the words they choose to share. Like them, their poetry is a combination of deep roots and conections, read at a big city pace. 2012 they read the poem -Us local people- during the manifestations against the mining companies in Gállok and has been a full time artivist ever since, mainly working with and thru the spoken word. At their instagram account @timimiemarak they share queersámi truths and thoughts, art and self love selfies.


Tuula Sharma Vassvik is an Indigenous Sámi researcher, activist and artist working within Indigenous methodologies, Indigenization and traditional knowledge. Tuula is the maker of Vuostildanfearánat- Sámi stories of resistance" a podcast made in collaboration with the research project Arctic Silkroad (UiT). Vuostidanfearánat focuses on Sámi ways of healing and resisting neo-colonial attacks on nature and Sámi ways of life. Tuula also works in a Sámi kindergarten in Oslo, Norway.


Tuula´s podcast Vuostildanfearánat is about indigenizing – sámaidahttin- grounding and growing in Sámi ways of living. We talk about ways of keeping ourselves healthy and strong, protecting our lands, communities and culture amid new forms of colonial state incursion and infrastructures. Vuostildanfearánat is made in collaboration with the Arctic Silk Road research project.



Graphics by: Tuula Sharma Vassvik.